V.I.P. is not for your average pooper. It goes above and beyond to trap odors in the bowl. So we created a campaign that celebrates Very Important Poopers who use V.I.P. to elevate their number two game. A campaign which embraces comedy just as much as it does the classic Reckitt Benckiser product demonstration.​​​​​​​
To support the TV campaign for 'Very Important Poopers' we created the 'Very Important Podcast'. Recorded in a real public bathroom with real people, host Dru Johnson interviews experts about how not to stink at things like dating, self defense, and even balloon animals. The Very Important Podcast recently dropped on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.​​​​​​​
Full episodes were also release on video platforms like Youtube, following the trend of other big podcast shows released on the platform.
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