Visa 'Everybody is Welcome'
At the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, over 1 million visitors from 202 countries came to experience the games. But the problem was, they weren't necessarily feeling welcome by the locals who spent weeks prior to the games protesting the event's funding. As one of the World Cup's biggest sponsors, Visa used its brand positioning to let visitors know that 'everyone is welcome.'​​​​​​​
TOP Destinos 'Bad Experience'
Print campaign for Top Destinos, a Brazilian luxury travel magazine, showing that nothing is more memorable than a bad experience.
Volkswagen Trucks 'Counters'
Volkswagen Trucks are available in many different forms and shapes making them 'taylor made' for every kind of business.
Audi 'Expansion Maps'
The Audi A6 all-road with TFSI engine is an off-road car that drives more miles per gallon than any other off-road.
Dr. Oetker 'French Made Easy'
There’s an easy way to enjoy french frozen baguettes with Dr. Oetker. To demonstrate that, we created a campaign where everything French was made simple – even French pronunciation.
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